Brand: Mackie Model: Mackie Creator Bundle
Mackie Creator Bundle OverviewStart your podcast, voice-over work, or live stream with the Mackie Creator Bundle, a simple home recording and monitoring solution including a slew of Mackie gear—the EM-USB cardioid USB condenser microphone, a pair of CR3-X 3″ multimedia monitors, the MC-100..
Brand: Mackie Model: Mackie Performer Bundle
A Bundle of Gear for PerformersAre you a solo performer and want to upgrade your live rig? has just the thing for you. The Mackie Performer Bundle gives you the essential pieces of gear that you need for streamlined mixing and impressive vocal reproduction. This bundle includes the ProFX6v3 6-channe..
Brand: Mackie Model: Mackie Producer Bundle
Get Your Studio Essentials in One PlaceBeing a content creator or one-man-band is awesome, but footing the entire bill for your audio setup isn’t. The Mackie Producer Bundle was created to give you impeccable sound quality for your home studio without breaking the bank. You’ll receive the Mackie Ony..
Brand: Mackie Model: Mackie Studio Bundle
Mackie Studio Bundle OverviewDeck out your home studio with the Mackie Studio Bundle, a flexible 2-channel recording and monitoring solution including the CR3-X 3″ multimedia monitors, the MC-100 headphones, the Big Knob Studio monitor controller and audio interface, the EM-91C large-diaphragm ..
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