Roland A-01K Roland A-01K
-20 %
Brand: Roland Model: Roland A-01K
Roland A-01KFits Into Your Setup with Flexible Connectivity to MIDI & Analog GearOnce you’ve built your music-production setup, it’s frustrating if your MIDI controller can’t interface with all the elements. Whether you’re playing modern MIDI or vintage analog synths, working on a home computer,..
15,200.00฿ 19,000.00฿
Roland JD-XA Roland JD-XA
-20 %
Brand: Roland Model: Roland JD-XA
Roland JD-XAFeaturesAdvanced synthesizer with independent analog and digital sound enginesDiscrete analog synth engine (four parts) with 2 x OSC, Filter, Amp, 4 x Env (2 x Pitch, Filter, Amp), and 2 x LFO per voice plus Analog Dry Out for raw signal outputAnalog filter section features 4-Pole, trans..
84,000.00฿ 105,000.00฿
Roland JD-Xi Roland JD-Xi
-20 %
Brand: Roland Model: Roland JD-Xi
Roland JD-XiANALOG AND DIGITAL SYNTHS IN ONE KEYBOARDWith its unique crossover sound engine, the JD-Xi provides the best of both worlds: the warm, smooth response of classic analog, and the clarity and versatility of modern digital. The newly developed monophonic analog synth section features saw, t..
22,400.00฿ 28,000.00฿
Roland JP-08 Roland JP-08
-20 %
Brand: Roland Model: Roland JP-08
Roland JP-08Huge Synth. Small Package.The JUPITER-8 was a big synth in every way; physically imposing with loads of knobs and sliders, and most importantly, a huge sound. The JP-08 retains the big sound of the JUPITER-8 but shrinks everything else – including the price – into a module measuring unde..
42,400.00฿ 53,000.00฿
Roland JX-03 Roland JX-03
-20 %
Brand: Roland Model: Roland JX-03
Roland JX-03JX-3P Sound. Built-In Controller.Often described as a forgotten classic, the JX-3P was all about instant access to big sounds, with a simple button-driven interface rather than lots of knobs and sliders. When used with the optional PG-200 controller however, the power of the highly progr..
42,400.00฿ 53,000.00฿
Roland SH-1 (GAIA) Roland SH-1 (GAIA)
-20 %
Brand: Roland Model: Roland SH-1 (GAIA)
Roland SH-1 (GAIA)Triple-Fat Virtual AnalogSink your teeth into the new triple-stacked virtual analog engine, comprising three complete synths for incredibly thick, powerful sound. Unleash the beef of three oscillators that drive a trio of multimode, resonant filters, multi-shape LFOs, and amplifier..
25,600.00฿ 32,000.00฿
Roland SP-404SX Roland SP-404SX
-20 %
Brand: Roland Model: Roland SP-404SX
Roland SP-404SXInstant SamplingSample anywhere, anytime using the SP-404SX’s built-in microphone. And since the SP-404SX can run on AC or battery power (six AA batteries), it’s easy to record wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Just power-up, point, and record. Line and mic inputs are also av..
19,200.00฿ 24,000.00฿
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