Brand: Radial Model: Radial Backtrack Stereo Audio Switcher
Protect against playback failureFor any performance that incorporates backing tracks or other pre-recorded elements, reliability is crucial to ensuring a smooth performance. Unfortunately, smartphone batteries die, laptops freeze up, and Murphy's Law will always apply. The Backtrack creates a redund..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial Bigshot EFX Effects Loop Switcher
True-Bypass Effects loop SwitcherThe BigShot EFX™ is a true-bypass effects pedal switcher that lets you set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain when needed.Professional pedal management on stageThe BigShot EFX gives you the ability to take an entire chain of effects p..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial BigShot i/o Instrument Switcher
True-bypass Instrument SelectorThe BigShot i/o is an easy-to-use instrument selector that lets you quickly transition between any two instruments, while balancing the levels between them and feeding the output to your amplifier.Easy instrument changeovers on stageThe BigShot i/o allows you to switch..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial Cherry Picker 4-Channel Preamp Selector
4-Channel Preamp SelectorThe Cherry Picker is a unique switcher that allows you to compare up to four preamps while sharing a single microphone.Hear more options in less timeThe Cherry Picker gives you the ability to connect to multiple devices in the studio and instantly A/B between them without an..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial Gold Digger 4-Channel Mic Selector
Studio Microphone Selector and SwitcherThe Gold Digger™ is a 4-input, 1-output switcher that allows you to seamlessly audition multiple microphones through a single preamp, improving studio efficiency and workflow without altering the tone of each microphone or requiring down time to re-patch any ca..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial Headbone VT Amp Head Switcher
Tube Amplifier Head SwitcherThe Headbone VT is a specially designed switching device that lets you toggle between two tube amplifier heads using a single speaker cabinet. This provides the ability to experiment with different tonal options and perform without hauling two speaker cabinets to the gig...
Brand: Radial Model: Radial Headlight Guitar Amp Selector
Four Output Guitar Amp SelectorThe Headlight is a unity gain guitar amp selector designed to easily integrate onto a pedalboard and provide the ability to switch between as many as four amplifiers with a single footswitch.Small Size, Big ToneThe Headlight has a compact footprint that will fit on any..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial HotShot ABi Balanced Input Selector
On-stage input switchingThe HotShot ABi makes it easy to select between two balanced inputs on stage, with a single latching footswitch to toggle from one source to the other. This allows an artist to switch between two dynamic microphones during a performance, freeing up input channels on your mixe..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial HotShot ABo Balanced Output Selector
Footswitch Selector for Balanced OutputsThe HotShot ABo is a latching footswitch that will take a balanced input on stage and switch it between two different destinations, without requiring any power to operate.Reroute signals on stageThe Hotshot ABo takes a balanced XLR input and provides the abili..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial HotShot DM-1 Microphone Switcher
Professional stage communicationDesigned to address on-stage communication problems for artists who employ in-ear monitoring systems, the HotShot DM-1 is a simple passive footswitch that enables artists on stage to quickly reroute their signal without disrupting the performance. Using the DM-1 is ea..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial JX-42 Guitar and Amp Switcher
4×2 Guitar and Amp SwitcherThe JX-42™ is a compact guitar and amp switcher made to handle up to four guitars and two amps, with the ability to select inputs and outputs locally or via remote footswitch control.Compact switching solutionThe JX-42 is a surprisingly powerful guitar and amp control cent..
Brand: Radial Model: Radial JX44 Guitar Signal Manager
The ultimate guitar signal managerThe JX44 is the most complete guitar and amp switching and routing system available for professional concert touring, providing you with the ability to connect and manage up to four guitars, six amplifiers, an effects chain and a remote pedalboard with seamless inte..
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