Brand: K&M Model: K&M 1001 MUSIC STAND – black
K&M 1001 MUSIC STAND – blackFeaturesHeight:  from 625 to 1,240 mmLeg construction:   U-profile legs snap into socketMaterial:   steelMusic desk:   traditionally foldableMusic desk dimensions:  435 x 215 mmProduct Category:  BaselineRod combination:&nb..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 20000 MICROPHONE STAND
Specially designed folding die-cast base with built-in anti-vibration filters in legs. Stand isolates microphone from vibrations. Well suited for recording studios.EAN:4016842200023Height:from 910 to 1,615 mmHeight adjustment:clutchLeg construction:socket with foldable legsMaterial:steelProduct Cate..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 20800 Overhead Microphone Stand
This compact overhead microphone stand is now even lighter and more stable. Thanks to a new leg combination and a new clamping element, its weight has been reduced to 3.8 kg. The leg base diameter of 1 m affords stability and safety. A range of different boom arms can be attached using the 3/8″ thre..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 20811 Overhead Microphone Stand
A microphone stand in a two-piece folding design that extends to over 4 m and as such is very suitable for organ and choir recordings. There is an extra safety ring for stability. The extension tube has a 1/2″ thread connector. The stand can optionally be combined with boom arm 21231.Base diameter:1..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 21021 Overhead Microphone Stand
Especially designed for studios and drummers. Taller and longer than most stands. Long legs fold for compact storage and easy transport.Boom arm:one-piece designBoom arm clamping:T-bar locking screwBoom arm length:1,065 mmEAN:4016842201334Height:from 1,120 to 2,010 mmHeight adjustment:clutchLeg cons..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 21070 MICROPHONE STAND ( made in German )
K&M 21070 MICROPHONE STAND ( made in German )The Pro’s Trusted Choice for Over 65 YearsWhether you are a beginner or a professional – König & Meyer offers optimal music accessories for any area of application. First-rate materials and optimized product processing result in tangible manufactu..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 21080 Microphone Stand
Consists of tubing assembly and extendable boom arm. Zinc die-cast base with long folding legs. Square swivel joint with large wing nut.Boom arm:2-piece telescopic designBoom arm clamping:wing nutBoom arm length:from 425 to 725 mmEAN:4016842211746Height:from 925 to 1,630 mmHeight adjustment:clutchLe..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 21090 Microphone Stand
A more compact version of the classic 210/2. The combination of the long-legged 201A/2 mic stand and the 211/1 telescopic boom arm. Like the 210/2, the 210/9 sets the standard for professional microphone boom stands.Boom arm:2-piece telescopic designBoom arm clamping:T-bar locking screwBoom arm leng..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 25200 Microphone stand
Three-piece telescoping shaft. Metal, non-marring height-adjustment mechanisms, complete with boom arm.Boom arm:2-piece telescopic designBoom arm clamping:T-bar locking screwBoom arm length:from 425 to 725 mmEAN:4016842205004Height:from 620 to 1,470 mmHeight adjustment:non-scratching locking screwsL..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 25400 MICROPHONE STAND
K&M 25400 MICROPHONE STANDThe K&M 25400 Microphone Stand is an entry-level, low-priced microphone boom stand made of highly durable materials, so that even when dropped, knocked or bumped against, this stand will remain secure and solid. This boom stand comes with an extension tube and ..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 25600 MICROPHONE STAND
High-quality microphone stand with telescopic boom arm. Die-cast base with folding legs. Unique design retains all screws and levers without tension. Patented clamping lever can be fixed in any position, for holding mic cable, etc.Boom arm:2-piece telescopic designBoom arm clamping:heavy-duty all me..
Brand: K&M Model: K&M 25680 One Hand Microphone Stand
K&M 25680 One Hand Microphone StandFeaturesHeight: from 1,100 to 1,820 mmHeight adjustment: »Soft-Touch« one-hand clutchLeg construction: socket with foldable legsMaterial: leg construction made from steel, rod combination made from aluminumProduct Category: ToplineRod combination:&nbs..
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