Brand: Alctron Model: Alctron MA019 Studio Microphone Metal Screen
Convenient and easy useProtects your microphone from surplus spit caused by over eager performers360°Flexible gooseneck holder, convenient for useSwivel mount for easy installation..
Brand: Alctron Model: Alctron PF04 Dual Layer Nylon Pop Filter
Pop Filter is a necessary and effective accessory for professional microphones. It can minimize plosive sounds (heard ′P′, ′B′, ′T′ and ′K′ sounds) that produce a sudden jet of air potentially overloading the capsule and producing a ′popping′ sound. It can be effective to protect the microphone from..
Brand: Alctron Model: Alctron PF32 MKII Professional Studio Mic Screen
PF32 MKII from Alctron is a latest acoustic diffuser screen from Alctron. Its outstanding features are the simple structure and easy application. Because of its light weight, it becomes a portable recording accessory everywhere. The screen is fixed by a metal frame and wood or aluminum panel. S..
Brand: Alctron Model: Alctron PF52 Black Desktop Studio Microphone Screen
The PF52 is a desktop acoustic screen whichdesigned to improve the quality of voice recording captured in your homestudio, rehearsal studio and other recording environment. PF52 made by plasticand polyester fiber, in some way it helps screen absorbing and isolatingunwanted noise from outside. Its li..
Brand: Alctron Model: Alctron PF8 Studio Microphone Screen
PF8 uses high quality noise reduction foammachining into cylinder microphone wind screen. Through noise reduction foam toabsorb the noise around recording room, but some of noise will be run away. PF8helps your microphone isolating in a quiet environment, under this environmentmicrophone will record..
Brand: Alctron Model: Alctron VB860 Studio Mic Screen
VB860 is a wind screen managed to create aportable acoustic solution that could effectively dampen reflections withoutlosing top end. This leaves a natural open sound on your recordings. The windscreen can minimize sonic reflections during recording. The various materialsdesigned to absorb the noise..
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