Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 112-6 Cabinet
The Peavey 112-6 has 18mm plywood construction and a premium Celestion Greenback 25 speaker. The back of the cabinet is convertible for changing the cabinet to an open back configuration. The white piping gives the black grill and black tolex a nice finished look. Rubber feet and metal corners compl..
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 112-C Cabinet
Portable 1x12 speaker cab loaded with a legendary Celestion Vintage 30.This Peavey 112-C 60W 1x12 speaker cab boasts superior Peavey build quality coupled with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker for ultimate tone delivery.FEATURESPower handling: 60WSpeaker: 1x12 Celestion Vintage 30Impedance: 16 ohmsClo..
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 212-6 50W 2x12
This Peavey 212-6 50W 2x12 guitar speaker cab features Peavey's top build quality and easy portability coupled with a pair of awesome Celestion Greenback 25 speakers. It also offers two inputs for use as a stereo or mono cab, plus feet on the short side to be used as a vertical 2x12.FEATURESPower ha..
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 212-C Cabinet
Two great Celestion drivers in one awesome cab.This Peavey 212-C 50W 2x12 guitar speaker cab features Peavey's top build quality and easy portability coupled with a single Celestion Vintage 30 as well as a Celestion G12T-75. It also offers two inputs for use as a stereo or mono cab, plus feet on the..
Peavey 24FX Peavey 24FX
-38 %
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 24FX
Peavey 24FXPeavey 24-channel Mixer with USB and MP3Peavey continues to produce quality gear for studio and stage with the 24FX 24-channel mixer. Peavey introduces its new 24FX mixing consoles with exclusive Silencer mic preamps (.0007% THD), dual digital effects processors and a USB port that provid..
39,900.00฿ 64,600.00฿
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 6505 MH
Part of Peavey's celebrated 6505 Series, the all-tube 6505 MH authentically produces the legendary tones of the Peavey 6505 in a small, portable package. The 6505 MH has two channels that follow the same gain structure and voicing of its iconic big brother to produce the devastating, overdriven tone..
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 6505 Micro 1×8 Cabinet
The Peavey 6505 Micro is a cabinet designed to complement the 6505 Piranha amplifier head, though it will also work with similar, compatible amps. It features a single 8” speaker, and is capable of handling 24W RMS at 4 Ohms. It sports a single 1/4″ input, and is relatively lightweight at ..
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 6505 Piranha Head
Making use of a single 12AX7 tube for its preamp stage, The Peavey 6505 Piranha is an amplifier head intended for use with electric guitars. It supplies 20W RMS into 4-Ohm loads and provides a rather simple, yet powerful, control set. Three knobs are on hand to shape your volume and tone: ..
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo Amp
The Peavey 6505+ 112 is the combo version of the acclaimed 6505+ amplifier. This portable powerhouse features five 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 - 6L6GC power amp tubes, with presence and resonance controls and 3-band EQ for taming their notorious tone. It also includes 3-spring Accutronix reverb and the..
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey 6505+ Head
Peavey 6505 HeadNamed in celebration of Peavey’s first 40 years, the 6505 Series is the undisputed go-to guitar amplifier for scores of rock, hardcore and metal bands for their raw tone, relentless power and road-proven reliability. The 6505 is still the unquestionable choice for an ever-expanding l..
Peavey Audio Performer pack Peavey Audio Performer pack
-33 %
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey Audio Performer pack
The Peavey All-In-One Audio Performer Pack is a complete, portable PA system that packages the new PVi 4B powered mixer with PV Series microphone, loudspeakers and accessories.The Audio Performer Pack brings ease of use and powerful sound to small performances and multipurpose use in schools, church..
17,500.00฿ 26,000.00฿
Brand: Peavey Model: Peavey Audition
Peavey AuditionPeavey’s exclusive TransTube® technology truly creates the sound, warmth and “push back” of a tube amplifier through its patented solid-state design. The basic building blocks of the TransTube® sound are the exclusive designs of the preamp and power amp. The preamp section tailors gai..
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